The Right One Will Be Like A Symphony


Forcing something to work with the wrong person will feel like a broken record, the conversation will get stuck. You’ll be afraid to laugh at yourself, at them and at the experiences you’re sharing. Maybe you’ll only show the part of you that you want them to see.

The whole thing will feel out of tune, like something is broken or missing, you’ll keep forcing it to work but ultimately broken records can’t be fixed. The music will never play uninterrupted, it won’t flow and it won’t make you feel alive inside.

That, in contrast to the symphony you’ll feel when you’re with the right one. Well … it will have no comparison. When you’re with the right one, your laughter will sound like the most beautiful piece of music your heart has ever heard and thats the person you want to hold on to. The one that makes you laugh, the one who accepts you wholeheartedly for who you are, flaws and all, not the version you pretend to be to try and impress others around you.

When you’re sat with the person who makes silence not feel awkward and who makes shit situations not feel like the end of the world, in my opinion you’ve found a winner. We hold out trying to find the ‘perfect’ person for us, but ultimately what we think we want and what we actually need tend to be very different.

Don’t let go of the person who makes you smile when you’re mad, because ultimately when you’re old and have nothing left to talk about, their humour is what will keep you feeling alive.

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