Bad Timing..


Do you ever sit and wonder if fate just has it in for you?

Like all of a sudden it will bring someone into your life who could be everything you’ve ever wanted, but the timing is just all wrong for both of you.

Please don’t bring someone into my life now, who makes me laugh harder than anyone has ever made me laugh before, someone who gets what I mean when I say being sociable is a chore, someone who isn’t afraid to talk to me about every weird and wonderful thing they’re up to. All I’ve ever wanted is someone who is weirdly similar to me, so when I tell them I hate most people I come into contact with, they don’t judge me … and now here they are. But they are also just as unavailable as I am.

I’ve waited almost 2 years for someone like this to naturally come into my life. I didn’t want to find this person on an app, or on a night out. I wanted it to be unexpected, somewhere where I didn’t think they would ever appear in a million years … and now I’m spending 5 days a week with them, but its a dangerous game when the timing is all wrong. Temptation is hanging around you way too frequently and when two people fancy each other it’s very hard to ignore it when you can’t avoid it.

The ones you have to look out for the most are the ones who you’d never expect to see yourself wanting to get closer to, they aren’t stereotypically what you’d expect to be your type, but without even realising it’s happening, out of nowhere their personality has got you in a way that you really didn’t expect. This is someone you could imagine being best friends with, but as a bonus you also fancy the absolute pants off of them.

And now I have to accept the fact that I’ll have to leave this and not do anything about it, because I’m currently looking at my life through a countdown clock where I refuse to welcome any kind of distractions.

So fate has drawn its current card but I’m not willing to play right now ….